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“I’ve watched Kathleen’s content on temperaments transform the way our staff team interacts not only with each other, but also with those we get to serve. She helps teams see that all personality types have the potential to be great leaders and great supporters!”

Alison Rice

Staff Development/Program Specialist

WinShape Camps

“Kathleen gave our organization practical skills that have improved communication among vendors, customers, and staff. It is hands-down the best program our department has implemented.”

Chris Pike

City of Dunwoody, GA

“The vast majority of our team said it was the best training we’ve had in recent years... Well done and thank you! 

David Viker

National Wildlife Refuge System

"Kathleen did a FANTASTIC job! And that is a gross understatement. It was just what our employees needed. After her presentation, I overheard people telling other people what color they were. I even went home later that evening and watched her whole series on YouTube with my husband. I cannot say enough great things about her message."

Rachel King, Sr. BOA

Edward Jones Investments

"Kathleen spoke at my company region meeting today. What a great success. Many people ordered the book right there on the spot—some even while she was still speaking!


"The balance of the meeting was "colored" by her teaching. As she said, no one could 'unheard' her words. Each presenter, the rest of the afternoon, walked to the podium and stated their name and their color—even our home office Human Resources representative, who, by the way, is a green. It was fascinating to watch. Another fascinating thing was watching branch teams recognize just who their partners were, how they were wired, and then the teams came up with ideas on how to better work with one another. I thoroughly believe in the process, but even I was blown away!


"I was also approached by one lovely but distressed mom . . . who is very red. By listening to how Kathleen feels in the word as a blue, she recognized what she had been doing to her very blue daughter


"So, I would say this was a total success. She opened up some blocked lines of communication and earned herself many, many new fans."

Debbie Avery

Edward Jones Investments



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